Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 is complete!! And it was a pretty good day considering it was Monday. We didn\'t sleep well last night and David had work early this morning, plus class at 8:30 after a 5 day break... Not a good mix. But I got up and about and started my day off right with a good and healthy breakfast! I made 2 hard boiled eggs last night and had them waiting in the fridge for when I woke up. I was also able to drink my first glass of water for the day before my morning Awake! Tea and breakfast was ready. So that was helpful! I had two egg whites, a piece of toast with a little "I can\'t believe it\'s not butter", and half a grapefruit. I rewarded myself with a glass of Silk chocolate milk! And while I ate, I danced around my kitchen, did laundry, took care of my adorable puppies, and fixed a snack for later in the morning. Good thing I did because I needed it to hold me over until lunch at 3... Lots of classes on Monday! I had a salad and some green tea for lunch and when David came home, we went to Pier 1 and to Hobby Lobby for some Christmas decor and just plain decor shopping. Then we rearranged our entire downstairs. Talk about a workout!! But it looks wonderful and some of our Christmas decorations are already up!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!! So yeah! I had some wheat rotini with some pesto and marinara for dinner and a Yogoshi or whatever it\'s called Greek yogurt as a dessert. Yummy! Add in my 123 jumping jacks for today, and I\'d say it\'s pretty successful!! Now for sleep before moving on to day 3! I\'m going to try and step it up tomorrow!! Wish me luck!

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